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I am Olly Pittaway a web developer from Halifax, West Yorkshire, Welcome to my portfolio, this is a collection of the work which I have completed over the years, merged in with some general information about me, such as qualifications.



I started my programming while at high school, this was mainly the very basics of Web Development and learning Bash Scripting and Python3. I finished with 12 GCSE's A-C, including Triple Science, Statistics & Computing.

I then proceeded with doing AS Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Computing, ICT & Chemistry. However halfway throughout the school year I was approached to take part in an Apprenticeship in Web & Software Development with Estio Training. Throughout this year long apprenticeship I would achieve a Level 3 Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles & a Level 3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence, further to this I also succesfully finished modules in Personal Learning and Thinking Skills & Employee Rights and Responsibilities. You can view the results of the courses by clicking here.

7540-039 Object oriented programming using C# Distinction
304 Unix Operating System Distinction
7540-033 Software Design Fundamentals Distinction
7540-389 Develop software using SQL Distinction
7540-044 Web Development Distinction
7540-030 Customer Support Provision for the IT Proffesional Distinction
7540-037 Creating an object oriented computer program using Java Distinction
7540-043 Software Testing Distinction
Competency Units
[4520-102] Health and Safety in ICT - Level 1 Achieved
[4520-303] Interpersonal and written communication - Level 3 Achieved
[4520-304] Develop Own Effectiveness and Professionalism - Level 3 Achieved
[4520-306] Remote Support for Products and Services - Level 3 Achieved
[4520-308] Software installation and upgrade - Level 3 Achieved
[4520-310] Technical advice and guidance - Level 3 Achieved
[4520-314] Working with ICT hardware and equipment - Level 3 Achieved
[PLTSL3] Personal Learning and Thinking Skills L3 Achieved
[ERRWBL3] Employee Rights and Responsibilities Workbook L3 Achieved

Since then I have gained an additional certification in Advanced Adobe Photoshop.

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My name is Olly Pittaway, I am an 19 year old developer from West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, I work professionally as a web developer where I manage over 100 websites and domains and also provide bespoke website builds primarily using Wordpress as a CMS. I am gifted with the skill of many languages due to starting programming early while studying at high school. Eventually I spiralled off to undertake an apprenticeship in web & software development at Estio Training. I have succesfully produced:

bespoke websites either as part of a duo with Rory Ashford who mentored me for my first steps into doing development as a profession or as a solo project, undertaken as freelance work or on behalf of one of the companies which I have worked for.

While primarily I build websites for people I do also occasionally take on jobs such as Python3 builds ranging from Discord bots to quick Google Image Searches, PHP based mailing software activated on SQL conditions and Node.js bots.

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Work Experience

I started off working as a Kitchen Porter at the Milestone while I was 15 in my GCSE's at high school, this was to start learning essential work skills & learn a bit more independence. This was really good practice to develop my confidence, it required working with the kitchen team to ensure that everything was running smoothly and involved me correctly handling my time and working under pressure.

About 6 months into doing the Kitchen Porter job I got promoted to doing a Chef shift, this involved working with the other chefs to co-ordinate meals correctly and ensure that everything was running like a well oiled machine. This was a good job to learn team working as we all relyed on each other to do their part to produce the full order. It also provided a lot more practice in time management and coping with stress during the busy periods.

When I was 17 going through my AS Levels I joined Code Blue Digital as a member of the Web Development team, it was run through an apprenticeship with Estio Training, it was only a very small team being 1 other developer and my managing director. Due to this it meant that I was always busy and therefore gave me a lot of practice and pressure straight off the bat. Because of the very limited head count there was not much time to do any shadowing work to get an idea of how the senior developer worked. Factoring this and the fact that I had little to no experience of building websites before it meant that I had to be able to teach myself, consistently and quickly. This has enabled me to learn languages and other technologies by my self with little issues and time. We produced about 15+ fully bespoke, responsive websites in the year which I worked at Code Blue Digital. Further to the development side of the job I managed the domains and hosting for the 100+ websites which we owned giving me lots of practice on configuring servers and general hosting features such as SSH, PHPMyAdmin and SSL Certificates.

After Code Blue Digital came to an unfortunate end in 2017 I was taken on by one of our sister companies, Code Blue Media. I now manage the digital side of the studio which involves providing internal IT assitance, taking on bespoke builds & providing maintenance to clients.

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